Nectarine and Burrata Crostini with Prosciutto and Basil

So, I’m pretty big into Snapchat in terms of following all of the foodies out there. I love to see what people are eating and I also love inspiring others to get cooking with loved ones! One blogger who I thoroughly enjoy is Heidi, better known as, FoodieCrush. You can find her in the links…

A Day At The Farmer’s Market

When I’m not in the kitchen or catching up with the latest housewives…. I am managing a Farmer’s Market! The Cambridge Valley Farmer’s Market in Cambridge, New York to be exact. Its a quaint little town in upstate New York that is comparable to Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls…. in fact I think it might…

“Emmy Burger”

  Oh, lordie…………………     This is my spin on the “Emmy Burger” by Pizza Loves Emily in Brooklyn!

Caramel Apples

  We never have any trick or treaters for Halloween.. but I made these just in case one decided to stop in. My favorite part about these treats is that I collected the sticks from the yard, I think they’re just lovely!

Nutella Hot Chocolate Cake

  I think about this cake often. Triple layer dark chocolate cake covered in Nutella buttercream and topped with charred marshmallows. Reminds me of a warm cup of coco.


For Summer meals, you usually want to make something quick and easy to beat the heat in the kitchen, which usually calls for the grill. However, it can also be as simple as boiling a pot of water and tossing pasta with fresh summer produce! Go pick all of your cherry tomatoes from the garden and…