Kitchenbird Cravings

The time has to finally come to answer my number one most asked question; “how do you eat all of that and not gain 100000 lbs?!” I feel as though I may have misled you all. No, I am not the girl who eats pizza for lunch everyday nor am I a pillar of health. I am simply a girl who eats REAL FOOD that my body CRAVES.

Now, let me define CRAVE. I am not talking about those junk food cravings you get when your stressed or bored. I am talking about when you know your body needs sustenance, such as, water, protein, nutrients, and good fat.  You know, when you wake up in the morning and want to chug a massive glass of water or eat avocado and eggs? Thats your body talking to you! Listen to it. Once you start giving your body natural foods that come from the earth and start to limit processed food, you will immediately know what I’m talking about. I have seen the change happen first hand with my boyfriend, Jake.  He’ll dig through the fridge looking for Kombucha and veggies now that I’ve got him drinking smoothies for breakfast and whole foods for dinner. This doesn’t mean we don’t indulge, however, it does mean during the week we typically only crave all natural primarily organic foods.

Empty calories (processed foods) are addicting because they instantly spike your insulin levels.  Instead of your body knowing that it is filled with the nutrients it needs, it is filled with sugars and foreign substances that confuse your internal system. You will instantly be hungry and want more food, its a vicious cycle that is hard to break.  Ever eat Chinese or a bowl a pasta and then twenty minutes later be hungry for more? or for something sweet? So have I, and it is because your internal system isn’t satisfied.  The moment you start taking in sugars and empty carbs, your digestive system starts up and is ready to do its job (salivating, chewing, swallowing). However, when it is further along in it’s process, your body says “WTF IS THIS”, and to continues to digest it, but doesn’t do anything for your health other than cause inflammation, fatigue, bloating and so on.  To make a long story short…. eat REAL food. Oh, and drink water because water fixes just about anything.

My first rule of thumb is: get cooking. I would say I cook or prepare about 95% of the food I eat, if you know the ingredients you are putting into your food, then you are in control! I do not eat the foods I show you on Kitchenbird all day, everyday. I admit, I have struggled with my social media presence, constantly telling myself “people don’t want to see your smoothies and kimchi, they want to drool over cheese pulls and cake!” Until now, I thought I was being contradictory, but I’ve come to the conclusion that this is who I am. Sometimes you will see me eating a cheeseburger and sometimes I will be snaking on kale. But, you will never see me eating “fat free”/”sugar free”/”carb free” processed foods….. because that is all marketing trickery. Eat and cook REAL food.

 I have nothing but respect for people who stick to a diet of measured veggies, carbs, and proteins.  Although functional and efficient, that I not the lifestyle for me, I would go crazy eating that way every single day.  I need to stay stimulated and inspired, even when it comes to my food.

In the morning, I enjoy drinking smoothies and jam pack them with fruits, veggies, dairy, protein, bee pollen, chia seeds, hemp seeds, maca powder, coconut oil, coconut butter etc.Here, I’ve made a chocolate cherry smoothie. It contains frozen dark cherries, frozen banana, kale, kefir, whole milk, cocao, , chia seeds, and coconut oil.  You will think your drinking dessert, when in reality your giving your body exactly what it needs: super food and nutrients!

Salad Sandwiches for lunch.

Sandwiches aren’t just for meat and cheese. Jake and I like to eat what we call, “salad sandwiches”.  Your typical sandwich stuffed to the brim with vegetables. We started doing this when one morning we had a bowl of salad in the fridge from the night before.  I simply stuffed it into a pita, and there you have it a salad sandwich. Here, I have lettuce, grilled chicken. honey dijon vinaigrette, cucumber, radish, and avocado. A major upgrade from you ham and cheese.

My second rule: keep your gut squeaky clean and thriving. This may sound silly to most, but your gut functions as your second brain and it is filled with trillions of  minuscule creatures (good bacteria) that you need to keep happy so they can do their job! You keep them happy by eating probiotics, fermented foods contain all natural probiotics.  My two favorites are Kimchi and Kombucha.

Kimchi eggs with hot sauce. Kimchi is fermented cabbage that can typically be found in all grocery stores.

Kombucha is bubbly fermented tea that keeps your gut clean and you energized!

My absolute favorite Bucha is AquaVitea, locally brewed in Vermont. I try to fill up my growler every Sunday to be prepared for the week ahead, also super cost effective.

Another way I keep my guy clean and fully functioning is Triphala. It is an all natural organic India herb that supports healthy digestive function. You can find it on Amazon or in health stores.  You can also help your digestive tract with a probiotic, pictured below is an all natural, vegan, organic supplement.

Try tea! If you are in need of something other than water, then try experimenting different teas.  I have most recently been enjoying Matcha.  Its calming and also stimulating, and can also be found on Amazon. Comment below if you’d like to know how I utilize the other supplements pictured!

Do you have a sweet tooth? There are plenty of naturally occurring sugars that come from the earth. I’ve been enjoying these Avocado Chocolate Mouse. It contains, avocado, kefir, cocao, honey, and maca! Tastes like a beautiful creamy treat. Comment below for the recipe! IMG_4157image1 (8)

I am not a certified dietician or doctor, but these are just a few ways I am able to eat the foods I do without packing on the pounds. I hope you are able to weave some of these into your own lifestyle. Thanks for reading, and comment below with any questions!

xo, Kitchenbird


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  1. Gwen Ivins says:

    Love this post! Thanks for sharing! You really should make a career out of your knowledge! And I would LOVE recipes for everything! I can’t get the balance of ingredients correct on my smoothies.

    1. kitchenbird says:

      Thanks Gwen, I appreciate that so much! I will be doing a post in the future about getting the right consistency.. but for now, I find the key to thick and silky smoothies are frozen banana/cauliflower and some coconut oil/ coconut butter/ avocado – these are high in good fat and make the smoothie silky! The frozen banana makes it really creamy. I never put ice in mine, just strictly frozen fruits/veg! Great references are @weelicious and @leefromamerica on insta. They are ALWAYS making awesome smoothies step by step in their insta-stories. Hope this is helpful 🙂

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