What Santa Wants For Christmas

Gingerbread Men 

IMG_0148 - Copy

Sure, you can use Google to cyber stalk that guy you met on Tinder or try and find Kim’s unedited ass.  Or, you can use Google to find recipes like Gingerbread Men.  Then you can eat them all until they go straight to your own ass!

I used the recipe for “They Most Wonderful Gingerbread Cookies” found on this site, http://www.food.com/recipe/the-most-wonderful-gingerbread-cookies-80156. They turned out great, although I recommend only cooking them for 5 minutes if you like prefer them soft.

IMG_0155 - Copy

Madison and I topped ours with icing made from 1 cup confectioners sugar and a tablespoon of milk.  Vigorously stir the two ingredients together until it becomes a smooth paste.  Then, take the icing and pour it into a small Ziploc bag and cut a tiny sliver from the corner.  Now your ready to decorate! We used holiday sprinkles and gold sugar.

IMG_0176 - Copy

IMG_0189 - Copy

If you ask me, perfect little ginger bread men that all look the same are BORING. Take some creative imitative here and make the characters all have a personality of their own. Here are some of our little guys, and girls!

IMG_0197 - Copy


IMG_0200 - Copy

IMG_0224 - Copy

IMG_0217 - Copy

IMG_0221 - Copy

IMG_0228 - Copy

IMG_0222 - Copy

I think Santa will be very happy when he finds these by the fireplace.


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