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As I sit on my porch sipping hot coffee and welcoming the chilled air of Autumn that is slowly approaching, I cant help but wonder “what’s left in the summer garden?”.  Barefoot, I walk across the cool grass and the pebbled driveway into the garden that is speckled with bright red tomatoes, overwhelmed with lazy butternut squash, and sparkling with vibrant Swiss chard.  The crisp stems and tender leaves will be perfect wilted down in olive oil and garlic then topped with a fresh egg for breakfast!  Over a homemade bagel with cheese accompanied by some juice cantaloupe, of course.


Although I haven’t posted since February, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking, eating, drinking, and creating recipes to share with you all. Now I am back at at! But first, an explanation of why I have left my Kitchen Bird astray.

I spent my days after graduation relishing in the beauties of unemployment, which includes but is not limited to, sleeping in everyday, loan deferment, and maintaining a food blog. However, Salie Mae came a knockin, and it was time to enter . . . the “real world”.  Luckily, I received a called and it was time for me to move down to the city and begin working for NBC News.
Now I’m not making excuses here but, my third grade teacher told my mom I was a perfectionist and this would be a problem later on in life. Therefore, I cannot do anything half-assed – I give it my all of nothing and my new job got all my love, dedication, and affection.  And this is my excuse for not blogging, and I am very sorry.
I’ve been working on new plans for the blog and cannot wait to start sharing new recipes and pictures with you all for this coming Fall season! Some of which include include. . . Avocado cups, Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites, and Hangover Fries. . . have I caught your attention yet? I hope you can forgive me and let me back into your kitchens… I’ll bring wine I promise.
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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Aunt Diane says:

    How about some chocolate raspberry Zucchini bread with mom and dawns harvest…yum

    1. kitchenbird says:

      Sounds delish! Will experiment this weekend, thanks for the suggestion.

      1. Dawn says:

        That’s where the swiss chard went from the garden!!!
        Sounds delicious….Love, Aunt Dawn

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