Jaybird in the Kitchen

Jaybird in the Kitchen

You’re probably all wondering, “What’s with the bird?” Well, my name is Jayme, I am named after my father Jay. Jaybird is a nickname that I have acquired over the years that just kind of stuck.. come to find out it was also the nickname my father was given by his buddies. I am all too proud of this.. my dad is the man. Anyway, here I am bright eyed and freckled ready to show you food ideas that will make your mouth water and prevent you from being hangry ever again .. we all know this is THE worst kind angry. [Hungry = Angry]. My recipes include those passed down by my mother, who is an absolute goddess in the kitchen and the reason for my obsession with everything culinary. Also, my own spins on the classics, which come purely from innovation and creativity. And, when I say innovation I mean the years I spent in college with a fridge full of nothing and cabinets scattered with oatmeal packets, filled with dry pasta, and dusted with mysterious Ramen noodle remains. Needless to say, I love Ramen noodles…. Anyway, I hope to find my way into your kitchen through my everlasting, sometimes cheesy, love of food.


Oh.. one more thing,  I would like to thank my dear sister Madison for letting me use her new Canon to take original pictures for my blog, she will be featured as my very own food hand model!


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  1. Congratulations on your new blog. May all your noodles be tasty.

    1. cookingbird says:

      Thank you very much!

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